What social media marketing can and can’t do for you

Posted on 8 October 2016

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. However, you need to know what you can and can’t accomplish via this platform.

*What social media can do for you :)

01. Increase the awareness of your business

You can reach out to potential consumers through your social media pages. This could contribute to a rise in sales. By using marketing software, you can track the online leads that come from social media.

Whenever you post on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter, you are giving the users an opportunity to convert. The engaging content will generate more traffic to your website and eventually lead to conversion. The conversion rates increase as you build up your followers.

02. Increase your brand loyalty

Reports show that businesses that engage in social media marketing enjoy a higher loyalty from customers than those that don’t. This is why business people are advised to invest in social media and connect with the existing and potential customers.

In addition, if a consumer fails to trace a business on social media platforms, there is a high likelihood that the consumer will lose confidence in the business’s products and services.

03. Show you the flaws in your business

The complaints and negative comments on social media can help you identify the problems in your business.

If you follow keenly, collect information and participate in discussions you will get quality information that can help you better your products and services. The data can be useful in improving existing products, creating new ones or adopting new delivery channels.

*What social media can’t do for you :(

01. Show returns without effort

Social media is an investment but you will not get returns if you don’t put in some effort. You have to post engaging content, take part in discussions, ask questions and even discuss facts and trends in the industry.

If you put adequate effort the returns on investment will be higher than you expected and could help avoid your business from financial problems.

02. Overnight success

Social media will not give you overnight success. It will take some time to tap in potential consumers and get them to convert to willing buyers.

Social media marketing requires effort and is not a get-rich-quick scam. In addition, for long-term success you have to put in consistent effort.

It’s a competitive world, and thus the moment you slow down your competitors will step in and take over from you. You also need to build a big audience for it to be a total success.